Hunting Gear: 3 Essential Items for A Backpack Hunt

Getting ready to plan a weekend backpack hunt? Ensure you have the right hunting gear that will keep you comfortable and prepared. Depending on the time of year, there’s a few essentials you’ll need to block the sun, protect from rain, and stay mobile. You’ll want gear that excels in performance and is designed for hunting—and we’ve got it all right here at Game Gear.

Weather can be quite unpredictable. Whether you’re planning your hunt in the middle of fall or early spring, be prepared for the worst: water. Rain or snow, a heavy storm could be your worst nightmare when out on a hunt. Get a jacket that’ll keep you warm like our Tala Jacket, built to resist heavy winds and downpours.

Next, you’ll want some pants to match. You can find lightweight and durable pants that’ll protect you from the rain while allowing airflow for breathability. This way, you can always be prepared, regardless of weather. Of course, you’ll also want something lightweight to wear when a heavier jacket isn’t needed. For the third essential article in your hunting gear pack, toss in a pullover that’ll keep you cool and camouflaged.

If you’re planning a backpack hunt, be sure to check out Game Gear’s full selection of hunting gear right here.

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